Industrial Financing

Ms Malebo Mabitje-Thompson: Deputy Director General

The Industrial Financing branch stimulates and facilitates the development of sustainable, competitive enterprises; through the provision of Incentive programmes that support national priorities. The department’s incentive programmes are offered to qualifying enterprises for various economic activities; including manufacturing, business competitiveness, innovation, economic infrastructure, export development & market access as well as foreign direct investment.

These incentives are offered in the form of grants, loans and tax allowances. The majority of these incentives are cost-sharing grants. Loans are made through the Manufacturing Competitiveness Enhancement Programme (MCEP) and are administered by the Industrial Development Corporation   (IDC), while the 12iTax Allowance is the only tax incentive offered.  the dtic also provides export marketing support programmes, that have assisted many local companies to showcase their products at international exhibitions and trade fairs outside South Africa.


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