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Maximizing your presence at a National Pavilion

You have invested a lot of your valuable time and money to be here. Now is the time to capitalize on that investment. The following section contains some basic information on how to maximize your results at this show. We have also included a few tips on working at the booth that will help towards this end. Many of these tips may be obvious, but sometimes it’s easy to overlook the obvious.

Americans generally like South Africans. And they like shoes. Trade relations between South Africa and America are very good. You should experience considerable interest from America.

Miscellaneous Issues

  • The South African Consulate (Trade) will have a booth at WSA. Please refer any questions you may get with which you are not familiar to us (i.e., investment, immigration issues, trade issues, exporting, shipping).

  • Be familiar with your fellow exhibitors from South Africa. Refer prospects to them if you know that they can help the prospect.

WSA Trade Show Exhibitor Tips

  • It takes a visitor 3-4 seconds to walk past your booth. If they show interest you have very little time to determine if they are a ready buyer or someone worth your while to talk to.

  • Once a person enters your booth they deserve some immediate attention. If you are busy with another customer, nod to the new visitor and say something to the effect “I’ll be with you in a minute”. Don’t leave him unattended or ignored.

Things to “DO” when working your booth

  • Know your products and services (and those of the other exhibitors from South Africa)

  • Be honest. If you don’t know the answers to a question be honest about it. Promise to get back to the enquirer after the show. This gives you another opportunity to sell, away from the clutter of the show.

  • Know your booth (and where everything is).

  • Know the show. Be able to help out prospects with directions to the washrooms, telephones, meeting rooms, exits and eating areas.

  • Be confident. This comes from being prepared.

  • Keep your booth neat and attractive.

  • Treat all visitors equally. You never know who will show up at your booth.

Things “NOT TO DO” when working your booth

  • Don’t sit (unless it is with a prospect). Better yet arrange to meet your contact after the show if a detailed discussion is necessary.

  • Don’t drink. This includes any beverage. Spilled coffee or juice can be damaging to your booth and computer.

  • Keep your talking to colleagues to a minimum. Visitors are reluctant to interrupt others and if they see you chatting with a colleague they will keep on walking.

  • Don’t leave your booth unattended. You have gone to great effort to be here. It would be a shame not to take full advantage of your presence.

Selling in your booth

  • How do you approach a visitor to your booth? Many exhibitors begin with “May I help?” And how does the prospect respond? No thanks I’m just looking. That’s the end of that one. Ask open-ended questions that require the visitor to respond to you in more than one or two words. For example. “I can see from your badge that you work with….”

  • Qualify your prospect then offer a demonstration “Can I demonstrate how it works?” Do so, stressing the benefits of the product as opposed to the features.

For more information:
Call the dti Customer Contact Centre on 0861 843 384 


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