Business Facilitation and Aftercare

Investors, especially foreign investors require assistance when exploring investment opportunities or when setting up operations in the country. TISA can help with the following:

  • Facilitation of visas for business purposes;
  • Inter-governmental coordination and regulatory facilitation;
  • Facilitation of inward and outward investment missions, including travel itineraries;
  • Introduction to business organisations and service providers;
  • Introduction of investors to key stakeholders in private and public sectors;
  • Investor Road Map facilitation through dedicated account managers;
  • Introduction of investors to potential joint venture partners and black economic partnerships;
  • Guidance with plant/site locations;
  • Facilitation in the obtaining of finance and incentives;
  • Logistical support for relocation;
  • Business linkages and partnership with local and foreign companies;
  • Provision of specific solutions to any problems that may arise after the initial investment;
  • Advisory support on relocation; and;
  • Aftercare, retention and expansion service; and
  • Assistance with work permits applications, company registration and environmental impact facilitation.


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