Invoice Management Portal

the dtic welcomes you to its new Invoice Portal, which aims to streamline the invoice process from submission to payment.

On first usage, the service provider will need to register on the portal. Once registered, click here to login.

Key features of the portal

  1. 24/7 access: Service providers can upload invoices and supporting documents at any given time.
  2. Invoice tracking: Service providers can track the status of invoices, from uploading and receipt by the dtic to payment.
  3. Instant messaging: the dtic can notify service providers via instant messaging on any issues identified during the verification process.
  4. Real-time reporting: Allows the dtic to better manage turnaround times to ensure invoices are paid within 30 days from date of submission.
  5. Free and accessible via internet access.

For a guide to the registration process, please see the service provider registration manual.

Should you experience any challenges with registration or the uploading of invoices and documents, please email

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