List of Products for Localisation
The following products, contained in the Nedlac’s Economic Recovery Plan, are to be prioritised for localisation.

Agro-processing value chain, including

  • poultry,
  • sugar
  • edible oils
  • grains
  • juice concentrates
  • dairy products

Health-care value-chains:

  • pharmaceuticals
  • personal protective equipment
  • ventilators
  • other medical equipment

Basic consumer goods:

  • clothing
  • footwear
  • home textiles
  • televisions
  • mobile phones
  • other consumer electronics
  • fridges,
  • stoves
  • washing machines
  • household hardware products
  • packaging material
  • furniture.

Capital goods

  • agriculture equipment
  • mining equipment
  • green economy inputs and components
  • digital infrastructure inputs, components and equipment

Construction-driven value-chains, such as

  • cement
  • steel products
  • plastic piping
  • steel piping
  • engineered products
  • earth-moving equipment.

Transport rolling stock:

  • automobile assembly
  • auto components
  • rail assembly
  • rail components


Agro-processing value chain: including poultry, sugar, oils, grains, juice concentrates and dairy products used in the food and grocery industries.

Health-care value-chains: pharmaceuticals, personal protective equipment and medical equipment, (e.g. ventilators) used in public and private healthcare facilities.

Basic consumer goods: clothing and footwear, home textiles, consumer electronic products and appliances (including televisions, mobile phones, and white goods like fridges, stoves and washing machines), household hardware products, packaging material, furniture.

Capital goods: equipment and industrial inputs particularly used in infrastructure projects, mining, agriculture, the green economy and digital infrastructure.

Construction-driven: value-chains, such as cement, steel, piping (plastic and steel), engineered products and earth-moving equipment.

Transport rolling stock: automobile and rail assembly and component production, in preparation for the African Continental Free Trade Area.


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