Export Promotion

The directorate is mandated to promote South African value added goods and services abroad by broadening the export base, increasing market share in targeted high growth markets and sustaining market share in traditional markets. This objective is pursued through the review and finalisation of the National Export Strategy which is built on the following critical pillars:

  • Improving the enabling export environment
  • Strengthening the export institutional framework
  • Increasing the demand for South African goods and services through market diversification
  • Enhancing the Country Value-Proposition and Sector Branding
  • Broadening the Export base as outlined in the National Exporter Development Programme
  • Enhancing Export Incentives and Trade Financing Instruments.

Export Promotion Offerings

  • Providing Market intelligence and advice, e.g. identification and information on new products and new markets;
  • Trade-lead facilitation;
  • Facilitating exports by matching potential exporters with foreign buyers;
  • Providing In-Market Support;
  • EMIA Financial Assistance;
  • Providing access to markets through Investment and Trade Initiatives, Outward Selling Mission and National Pavilions


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