NLA Application Forms

Form NLA 0 Application for extension of time
Form NLA 1 Attached to and forming part of:

  • Application to transfer registration
  • Notice for review
Form NLA 7 Consent to, or refusal of proposed conditions of registration
Form NLA 10 Application to transfer registration
Form NLA 11 Notice of acquisition of control
Form NLA 12 Application review of conditions of registration
Form NLA 13 Notice of application for registration as a retailer or micro- manufacturer
Form NLA 14 Notice to alter or relocate registered activities
Form NLA 17 Notice of voluntary cancellation of registration
Form NLA 18 Notice of sequestration or winding-up of registrant
Form NLA 20 Complaint
Form NLA 22 Objection to compliance notice
Form NLA 24 Notification of conversion
Form NLA 24/1 Conversion – additional information
Form NLA 25 Notice to initiate review
Form NLA 28 Registrant annual information return


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