Innovation and Technology Funding instruments

Enterprise Incubation Programme (EIP)

This incentive funds small scale manufacturing and market entry.

Objective The programme is market driven and prepares early stage entities to supply to local markets.

The programme is market driven and prepares early stage entities to supply to local markets. This programme is centred on the securement of a market/s, by the applicant (incubator), to transfer skills to small businesses and cooperatives (incubatees), with an effort of attaining the expectant quality standards and specifications of firms. The operational model for the incubator programme will be inclined towards physical incubation- provision of incubation services from a physical site as opposed to virtual or remote support provision.

Beneficiaries EIP is targeted at South African registered and tax compliant entities with vast experience in the development and mentoring of early stage enterprises and co-operatives with potential to supply goods and services to firms in the local economy on a sustainable basis. New and Existing incubators (not previously funded by the Dept. Trade and Industry’s Incubator Support Programme and Seda Transfer Programme (Stp)).
Benefits The EIP programme funding is between five – ten million rand (R 5 – 10 million).
Feasibility studies will be capped at one and a half million rand (R 1,5 million).
The EIP programme will be a hundred percent (100%) subsidy in the pilot year to recognise expected variation in expected performance improvements to the programme and lower the risk of failure. Thereafter cost sharing at a ratio of 90:10 between DSBD and eligible applicants will be introduced for the programme rollout. The applicant’s contribution towards the ten percent (10%) will be accepted either in monetary value and/or assets linked to the incubator and its activities.
Implementing Agency Department of Small Business Development (DSBD)



Noni Qoboshiyana
Tel: +27(0)12 394 1071


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