Innovation and Technology Funding instruments

Seda Technology Programme (STP)- Quality Standards and Technology Transfer Fund

this incentive funds business start-up and business growth.

Objective The Technology Transfer Unit promotes and facilitates the transfer of technology, which is appropriate, effective and competitive, irrespective of race and gender, although preference will be given to women-owned and operational manufacturing enterprises.
The Quality & Standards fund’s main objective is to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of small enterprise in South Africa by promoting Quality and Excellence as competitive tools for SMME’s, cooperatives and incubators in realizing their short, medium and long term strategic objectives.
Beneficiaries All competitive manufacturing and processing sectors with high product demand and Some service-related industries, that have a manufacturing component, SMMEs
Benefits A maximum amount of R600 000 can be requested, and needs to be motivated by demonstrating return on investment.
Implementing Agency The Technology Transfer Division, Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA)



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