Chwayita Mtebele

Ms Chwayita Mtebele is currently the Departmental Head responsible for the supervision of Investment Providers at the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA).

Ms Mtebele’s professional experience spans nearly 15 years. With over seven years managerial experience in auditing and accounting, she has exposure to financial reporting and a deep understanding of accounting, tax and auditing matters. She also has extensive exposure to regulatory and supervisory frameworks by virtue of her work at the FSCA.

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce (B Com) (Accounting) degree and Honours in Accounting (CTA). Ms Mtebele is a qualified Chartered Accountant: CA (SA).

Ms Mtebele, through her supervision work, is also responsible for overseeing the governance and risk management of the investments sector. This involves, amongst other things, conducting sound analysis of the annual financial statements of Investment Providers.

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