Purpose of the Chief Directorate    

To develop, support and implement policies, strategies and interventions that increase the growth and competitiveness of the Primary Minerals Processing, Construction and Oil and Gas sectors in partnership with stakeholders in order to contribute to increased value addition, localisation and the direct and indirect creation of decent jobs whilst maintaining and attracting sustainable investment and employment in the sectors.

Objectives of the Chief Directorate / Directorate

  • To facilitate and support national mineral beneficiation and localisation initiatives in collaboration with the DST, DMRE, DPE, the Minerals Council and the IDC in line with the key action programmes outlined in the Masterplans
  • Strategic engagement and input into national mineral and petroleum legislation to promote industrial development.
  • Identification and promotion of local procurement and beneficiation investment and international co-operation opportunities
  • Conduct specific industry research and analysis including collection of data to identify challenges and opportunities for the growth, competitiveness and development of the sectors and sub-sectors in partnership with stakeholders
  • Liaise, consult and network with appropriate and relevant stakeholders for the development and implementation of joint key action plans
  • Identify opportunities to leverage the state’s proposed infrastructure build programme to increase supply of locally manufactured goods and services
  • Provide critical support and advisory services at firm level in relation to BEE, financial and incentive support, market access, cluster co-ordination and facilitation

Description of Directorates / Sub-directorates

  • Primary Minerals Processing and Construction
  • Upstream and Midstream Oil and Gas
  • Mining Capital Equipment
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