Sector Specific Assistance Scheme (SSAS)


Covid 19 – Precautionary measures related to EMIA Individual Participation and Sector Specific Assistance Scheme  – 28 October 2020

Description of the Sector Specific Assistance Scheme

The Sector Specific Assistance Scheme is a reimbursable cost-sharing incentive scheme whereby financial support is granted to organisations supporting the development of industry sectors and those contributing to the growth of South African exports.

Organisations supported under SSAS include Export Councils, Joint Action Groups, Industry Associations and those involved in the aimed at the development of emerging exporters

The Objectives of the Sector Specific Assistance Scheme

  • Developing an industry sector as a whole
  • Developing new export markets
  • Stimulate job creation
  • Broadening the export base
  • Proposing solutions to factors inhibiting export growth
  • Promote broader participation of black owned and SMME’s to the economy.

Nature of SSAS Projects

  • A project is a task with a pre-determined outcome, a defined or short-term time frame and measurable milestones.
  • The Project must be essentially developmental or promotional in nature.
  •  Project should benefit the sector as a whole in terms of the SSAS objectives
  • SSAS funding of non-profit business organisations in sectors and sub-sectors of industry prioritised by the dti


Note: Any research/studies undertaken or databases obtained will become the property of the dti.

Components the Sector Specific Assistance Scheme


Khutjo Bambo  (012)394 -1773
James Koko  (012)394- 1037
Phindile Skosana  (012)394 -1330


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