Sector Specific Assistance Scheme (SSAS)

Description of the Sector Specific Assistance Scheme

The Sector Specific Assistance Scheme is a scheme that compensates for costs in respect of the approved activities aimed at the development of South African emerging exporters through events. This incentive provides financial support for physical and digital events participation by qualifying emerging exporters.

Organisations supported under SSAS include Export Councils, Joint Action Groups, SEDA, Provincial Investment and Economic Development Agencies, Industry Associations and those involved  development of emerging exporters.

The Objectives of the Sector Specific Assistance Scheme

  • Developing  emerging exporters
  • Introducing emerging exporters to new  markets
  • Stimulating job creation through increased exports
  • Broadening the export base of local suppliers
  • Proposing solutions to factors inhibiting export growth
  • Promote broader participation of historically disadvantaged individuals (HDIs) and Small Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) to the economy, with a specific focus on women, youth and majority owned enterprises by people with disability.

Description of Project funding for SSAS

  • The Sector Specific Project funding is a reimbursable 80:20 cost-sharing grant to provide financial support to export councils, Joint Action Groups and Industry Associations.

Qualifying Projects Funding for SSAS

  • A project is a collection of specific tasks to achieve measurable outcomes and milestones, with a defined short-term period and its associated costs.
  • The Project must be focused on improving sector export, performance and / or emerging exporter capabilities and be developmental and / or promotional in nature.
  •  Project should benefit the sector as a whole or specific value chains within sectors, in terms of the SSAS objectives.

Note: Any research/studies undertaken or databases obtained will become the property of the dtic.


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Components the Sector Specific Assistance Scheme

  1. Project Funding Application Form
  2. Project Funding Check List
  3. FAQs

Notice pertaining to the processing of personal information


 Minah Sihlangu (012)394 -1087 / 0607531611
 Mamotseki Hall  (012)394- 1685 / 0829788366
Phindile Skosana  (012)394 -1330
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