The Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition, Mr Ebrahim Patel will take part in the 10th BRICS Trade Ministers Meeting which will be taking place today. The Trade Ministers Meeting will focus on responses to the corona virus outbreak, the strategy for BRICS Economic Partnership 2025, the Multilateral Trading System and other key areas of cooperation.

Minister Patel says that BRICS is an important forum for dialogue and cooperation on matters of common interest.

“BRICS provides a platform for cooperation to build trade and investment flows, including a focus on more balanced trade, and higher value-added products,” says Patel.

BRICS also offers an opportunity for exchange of views on global developments like the impact and responses to the corona virus outbreak. According to Minister Patel, safeguarding the global economy will require enhances collaboration to manage debt reduction and ensure a sustainable economic recovery, including through rebuilding national production capacity once the pandemic passes.


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