The South African Ambassador to Chile, Mr George Monyemangene says opportunities to increase and enhance trade and investment relations between South Africa and Chile exist and should be explored further. Monyemangene was speaking during a Trade and Investment Opportunities webinar hosted by the two countries on Wednesday 25 November.

The objective of the webinar was to set a basis for potential partnerships and an opportunity for companies to understand the requirements that need to be adhered to and the assistance available to facilitate trade and Investment

Export opportunities were identified in the capital mining equipment, automotive, agro-processing, agricultural machinery, agricultural crops and lives stock, cosmetics with indigenous plants, and metals.

“We have seen growth in trade between the countries over the years and we believe that the opportunities exist at this stage for us to actually increase and enhance these trade and investment relations. I am also very hopeful that this process signifies the beginning of building very strong relations and ties between our business communities both in South Africa and Chile,” said Monyemangene.

According Monyemangene, it is important that both countries bring in all key players particularly the private sectors as they have a key role to play in building both economies. He said, the South African and Chilean business sectors together can establish and explore areas for collaboration and partnerships to look at opportunities, and allow business persons to conduct their business in an enabling climate that will be driven by relations between the countries.

“As we try to interact and explore the possibilities of forming partnerships, we have this webinar on the backdrop of what has been a difficult period where we know the Covid-19 pandemic has had quite a huge impact on the entire world and particularly created an unprecedented global health crisis. However, as we emerge from this crisis, signs are quite positive that despite the type of knock on effects we have experienced in the substantive contraction of the global economy, there is hope that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.

He added that there are signs of recovery and this echoes well for global trade.

“We believe that the potential for growth is quite huge. And we also believe that South Africa will actually provide a solid platform for doing business with the rest of the African continent and on the South American continent and the rest of the Latin America. Furthermore, these two countries play a very critical role in South-South relations, as we harness and draw synergies to make sure that we can also increase the amount and our shareholding in terms of global trade and investment,” added Monyemangene.

Speaking at the same webinar, the President of the Chile South Africa Chamber of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Mr Alejandro Palma, said  the chamber which was formally formed 4 years ago, has been permanently promoting opportunities of trade, investment  and strengthening relations between the two countries.

“With the current pandemic, both countries have business opportunities in many industry sectors especially  in Chile. After the pandemic there will be a need to promote employment and investments for both countries and the rest of the world,” said Palma.

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