BT Industrial Group, a renowned multi-award-winning manufacturing company based in Benoni, Ekurhuleni, is set to make a substantial impact on the local economy. The company is about to create 600 new jobs, thanks to their R523 million investment pledge made at the fifth South African Investment Conference, presided over by President Cyril Ramaphosa in Johannesburg in April this year.

The total value of investment pledges over a five-year mobilisation period reached R1.51 trillion, surpassing the initial R1.2 trillion target set by President Ramaphosa, thanks to the commitment of companies such as BT Industrial to growth and development.

BT Industrial specialises in the global manufacturing and supply of critical products, including plastic pipes for water infrastructure, optical fibre, and polymer-based medical fabrics and components for clinical environments.

According to the Founder and Group Managing Director of BT Industrial, Mr Kgomotso Lekola, the company’s substantial investment is divided into three vital projects.

“R325 million will be invested in the manufacturing of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes and fittings.  This project is set to enhance water infrastructure and create new jobs, contributing significantly to the local community’s prosperity. R76 million will be invested in the production of food grade sustainable plastics. Recognising the global need for sustainable solutions, BT Industrial is investing in advanced technology to produce food-grade recycled plastics. Africa’s contribution to ocean plastic waste, currently at 8%, can be mitigated through these innovations,” says Lekola.

He adds that R122 million will be invested in the manufacturing of vascular access management syringes.

“This project not only advances healthcare but also provides employment opportunities. Vascular access management is crucial in patient care, and BT industrial’s innovative syringes will streamline processes, reduce waste, and improve patient outcomes,” adds Lekola.

He emphasises the importance of sustainable solutions in the plastics industry, citing a rising demand in Europe for food-grade recycled plastics. Additionally, he highlights how BT Industrial’s technology surpasses industry standards by removing impurities and minimising degradation.

He explains that In the plastics project, 100% of the 15 000 metric tonnes of food-grade sustainable plastics produced annually will be exported to countries in Oceania and the European Union. The syringes project is set to export all 30 million vascular access management syringes globally, further boosting South Africa’s presence in the international market.

Lekola concludes: “Our research estimates that approximately R2.5 billion is spent on vascular access management in South Africa. The BT range of prefilled syringes will save the national healthcare system approximately R1.5 billion by reducing preparation time by 98%, cutting medical waste by 80%, and enhancing patient clinical outcomes.”

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