R49 Million Ekandustria Industrial park key in linking markets – Minister Davies

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr Rob Davies says the launch of the R49 million Ekandustria Industrial Park is recognised as a potential catalyst for broader economic and industrial development that will play a key role in linking different markets in the region. Davies was addressing stakeholders who attended the launch outside Bronkhorspruit today.

The revitalisation of the Ekandustria Industrial Park is comprised of the upgrading of the security infrastructure including fencing, installation of boom gates, pedestrian gates, vehicular gates, installation of sisalation insulation, ventilators, construction of guard houses as well as the refurbishment of the waste water treatment plant in the park.

“Ekandustria Industrial Park is strategically located in Eastern Gauteng in close geographic proximity to the Maputo Corridor. The Maputo Corridor links the park with the markets in Mpumalanga via Witbank and Middleburg in the Eastern side and North West till Botswana via the City of Tshwane in the Western side,” said Davies.

Davies added that the first phase of revitalisation for Ekandustria Industrial Park focused on the critical needs of the industrial parks which included the waste water treatment plant and security upgrades and amounted to R49 000 000. The construction work had 147 local personnel employed and 20 local Small Medium and Micro Enterprises appointed on site since the inception of the project.

The Acting Chief Executive Officer of Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency, Mr Themba Camane said the Ekandustria Industrial Park is not only particularly important in Gauteng where it is located, nor does it only serve the citizens of Gauteng, but it goes beyond the geographic borders and serves the people of Mpumalanga as well.

“If you look at the size of the park and track of land that has already been serviced by government, it clearly shows the commitment of government to attract new investors that can come into the Industrial Park and establish more factories.  If you also look at the capacity and potential to develop, this park could be twice as big as it is currently at the moment,” said Camane.

Camane added that despite the number of challenges that the park has faced over the years there is an interesting mix of manufacturers and service providers that are currently occupying the factories.

When asked how has the park survived despite the economic turmoil that the country has faced, Camane said their observation as an agency that manages the Industrial Parks is that despite popular belief, the small enterprises that operate within the Ekandustria Industrial Park have been the back bone of the park and helped it survive through the years.

Minister Davies speaking at the launch of the R49 million Ekandustria Industrial Park outside Bronkhorspruit today.

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