The Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic) congratulates Ascensos on the launch of its delivery centre in South Africa in Woodstock, Cape Town last night. Ascensos is Europe’s leading independent customer management services provider offering niche services to retail and ecommerce industries. Ascensos currently has over 3,000 full time equivalents (FTE) servicing Europe and United Kingdom (UK) client base from delivery locations in Scotland, Bucharest and Istanbul.

This investment will allow Ascensos to expand its customer relationships by leveraging South Africa’s globally acclaimed support delivery aptitude in support of their customer experience. The new South Africa delivery centre in Woodstock, Cape Town will assist Ascensos deliver multi-lingual customer engagement to its global marketplace.

Ascensos will create 300 FTE employment opportunities that will be expanded to a further 500 FTE in the next 12 months, servicing United Kingdom based clients.  An investment of R120 Million will be made towards the new facility, branding and marketing the delivery location. Ascensos has plans to expand and will continue to invest and deliver offshored services from the Cape Town location.

the dtic has collaborated with industry to promote and put in place measures in the sector that will ensure its continued growth and long term sustainability. We are continually witnessing a rise in delivery of complex functions across analytics, technology, legal and health services into our global source markets. This growing complexity of services is seeing South Africa become an integral GBS delivery location exporting services and importantly creating employment opportunities for youth in the mainstream economy. Ascensos estimates that the South African delivery centre will reach an estimated 2,000 FTE in the next three years, a complimentary employment target alongside the national 500,000 FTE jobs target by 2030 as outlined in the sectors’ Masterplan.

Ascensos formed part of 14 global investors funded by the dtic in the GBS sector to visit various operations and sites across South Africa as part of our sector promotion efforts. The inward mission included site visits, talent and proof of concept demonstrations across Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. It is through these investment initiatives that we are able to demonstrate the attractiveness and viability of the outsourced delivery opportunity in South Africa.

the dtic wishes to congratulate Ascensos on the successful launch of the South Africa Delivery Centre and encourages continued collaboration that will result in expanded investment, increased employment opportunity for South Africans and towards  realised economic objectives in this sector.

Bongani Lukhele – Director: Media Relations
Tel: (012) 394 1643
Mobile: 079 5083 457
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Issued by: The Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic)

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