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Remarks by Minister Ebrahim Patel at the National Covid-19 Conference and Webinar, held on 31 July 2020.
B-BBBEE Implementation is Imperative to Creating an Inclusive Economy
B-BBEE Commission Releases Annual Report on National Status and Trends on B-BBEE
Building African Economic Resilience is Key for Continental Prosperity, Says Minister Patel in Briefing African Union Ministers
We are Committed to Working With Namakwa Leadership for Development of the District – Deputy Minister Gina
Address to the National Assembly Budget Vote Session: Ebrahim Patel, Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition, 24 July 2020.
Minister Patel to Table the dtic Revised Budget Vote 2020/2021
Minister Patel Briefs BRICS Meeting on South Africa’s Handling of the Pandemic, Outlining Key Lessons
Covid-19 Pandemic Troubling Reality for Small Businesses-Deputy Minister Gina
Minister Ebrahim Patel to take part in Virtual BRICS Trade Ministers Meeting