Gauteng Energy Company Keen to Exchange Lessons with Egypt’s Growing Renewable Energy Industry

The Managing Executive of Genleg Group, Ms Busi Nxumalo says that they are keen to exchange South African market experience that would assist Egypt to manoeuvre the path that lie ahead in its quest to grow its renewable energy industry. The black, women-owned multidisciplinary renewable energy company will be part of a South African business delegation that will be jetting off to Cairo, Egypt on an Outward Trade and Investment Mission that will take place from 1 – 6 December 2019.

Nxumalo, whose company specialises in energy consulting, engineering procurement construction for solar photovoltaics (PV) and PV installations, explains that she is looking forward to meeting and forging partnerships with relevant industry associations and explore business synergies with Egyptian businesses.

“Egypt is growing very rapidly in the areas of renewable energy and will ultimately be headed in the direction of developing policies, tariffs and also scaling-up to have small and medium sized businesses entering their space. Our company can assist develop the foundations for all of that,” she says.

She adds that her company has a team of experienced engineers that could assist the Egyptians with engineering procurement construction for projects under 10 megawatts, which international investors are normally not interested in.

“One notable success that excites us is of a project we are currently finalising with one of the oil majors and we will be rolling it photovoltaics throughout South Africa. We hope to roll these out to the client’s other service stations outside of South Africa. Apart from implementing as many solar projects as possible, we are excited about the intersectionality of renewable energy with artificial intelligence and block chain. Our long term plan is to incorporate the Fourth Industrial Revolution in our offerings very strongly,” says Nxumalo.

The Outward Trade and Investment Mission will include a trade and investment seminar, targeted business-to-business meetings and sector-specific site visits.

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