The South African Council for the Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (the Council) is pleased to inform all relevant stakeholders that the newly-established Online Registration and Permit System is now live.

The Council is a statutory body established by the Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition in terms of the Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction Act, 1993 (Act No.87 of 1993) (Non-Proliferation Act) to regulate strategic (dual use) goods and technologies that could be used in the development and production of weapons of mass destruction.  As contemplated in the Non-Proliferation Act, any person who is in control of any controlled goods or who has in his possession or custody or under his control controlled goods shall register with the Council. Also, the Act determines that import, export, re-export or transit of such goods may only take place under a permit issued by the Council.

Currently, all applications for registration and permits (import and export) are manually submitted by industry to the Council. In order to ease the administrative burden and improve service delivery, the Council embarked on the development of an electronic, internet-based system for submission of registration and permit applications.

Applicants would also be able to request additional functionalities with regard to permits.

The industry is encouraged to register on the new system from 1 October 2020. Companies with existing registrations with the Council would be able to update their registrations details while new applicants would be able to submit new registration applications.

As of 1 October 2020 the submission of import and export permit applications should preferably be done on the online system.

For any queries, stakeholders can contact the Non-Proliferation Secretariat on 012 394 5779 / 3030 or email

Sidwell Medupe-Departmental Spokesperson
Tel: (012) 394 1650
Mobile: 079 492 1774
Issued by: The Department of Trade and Industry Follow us on Twitter: @the_dti

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