SA Table Grape Company Seals Deal to Export to Vietnam

The South African table grape company, in2fruit Fresh Marketing Concepts has successfully sealed a deal to export its range of grapes to Vietnam. The company formed part of a twenty-two-member business delegation that showcased South African fresh produce and services during the three-day Fruit Logistica Asia Trade Show in Hong Kong.

The Managing Director of in2fruit, Mr Sarel Joubert reported that the deal will kick off his company’s first foray into the Vietnamese market as an export destination. He added that he was encouraged that intergovernmental discussions between South Africa and Vietnam had already taken place on how to open the channels of exports between the two countries.

“I know that there has been work done amongst the South African and Vietnamese governments, as well as the South African Table Grape Industry (SATI) in regards to the phytosanitary requirements.  I am encouraged that Vietnam is still working on a permit system. The deal we have secured with Vietnamese company Fruit One, will see us exporting between ten and twelve containers of grapes that will initially be estimated to be worth R500 000, with the total deal projected to cost R6 million” he said.

Joubert added that what was to follow this development was to ensure that they followed through with a premium product that will not only solidify this deal, but also help in cementing their reputation as a credible supplier in the highly competitive sector.

The Chief Executive Officer of Potatoes South Africa, Mr Andre Jooste reported that he was able to obtain key feedback that will be incorporated into his alternate marketing strategy for Fruit Logistica 2020.

“Our company’s value chain splits into 80% which is made up of the supply of fresh potatoes and 20% which falls under the processing side of things. Throughout the three days of showcasing we had learned from a Hong Kong-based Purchasing Officer that there was an alternative market we can tap into in this region. We have found that in the Asia region potatoes are used for a host of function that range from bread making, noodles, the production of biscuits, starch and confectionery. If we could establish an alternative market for our potatoes it will go a long way in becoming a sustainable market for our offerings,” he said.

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