Gauteng Chemicals Company on Drive to Identify New Partners in Egypt

The Managing Director and owner of XChem Chemicals, Ms Angela Pitsi says that she is looking to Egypt as a fertile market to identify new partners for her range of adhesive products, and to also exploit the country’s strong economic growth and geographic location as a base to expand operations into North Africa. She will be part of a South African business delegation that will be jetting out to Cairo, Egypt on an Outward Trade and Investment Mission from 1 – 6 December 2019.

Pitsi explains that she established XChem Chemicals in 2006 as an adhesive, sealants and speciality chemicals manufacturer.

“We manufacture a wide range of adhesives and sealants covering both domestic and industrial sectors. Our company takes pride in using advanced adhesives and sealant technology to locally manufacture products for diverse industries such as construction, mining, woodworking, and furniture, automotive, stationery, leather, electrical utility and metal,” she says.

Pitsi adds that her sealants have very positive prospects in Egypt as the country’s economy is one the rise.

“Economic growth naturally brings with it other offshoots, such as growth in demand for infrastructure, which will then present with it demand for these products that I am offering. Looking at these prospects I think that we stand a good chance of penetrating this market. We are currently strong with the domestic segment but the plan now it to grow our business within the industrial sector now. We take with us specialised adhesives that can service seven different industries in Egypt,” says Pitsi.

The Outward Trade and Investment Mission will include a trade and investment seminar, targeted business-to-business meetings and sector-specific site visits.

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