African Development Bank Urges SA Private Sector to Invest in Côte d’Ivoire’

The Director of Private Sector Support at the African Development Bank, Ms Kodeidja Diallo, says the bank is keen and willing to support projects that are part of Côte d’Ivoire’s National Development Plan as these are usually directed at improving the economic outlook of the country. Ms Diallo was speaking during the bank’s roundtable discussion with the South African business delegation in Abidjan.

The SA delegation is on a week-long Outward Trade and Investment Mission to Côte d’Ivoire organised by the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti).

According to Diallo, the bank has a number of projects in the energy, infrastructure, rail, transport, agriculture and mining sectors. She said these projects were part of the Ivorian government’s economic development plan and were therefore key to the funding landscape of any institution.

“Industrialising Africa is at the heart of the bank’s inclusive growth and social transformation agenda which is anchored in the sustainable development goals. The new industry and trade department within the African Development Bank is leading the implementation of the industrialisation strategy of the bank. All private sector operations associated with flagship programmes for private-public partnerships, small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies are considered for support. These are entities which will drive that inclusive growth and social transformation agenda,” said Diallo.

She urged South African businesspeople to identity projects that provide opportunities for investment and which are in line with the bank’s vision.

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