The founder and Brand Development Executive of the Eastern Cape-based Analit Africa Consumer Brands, Mr Lungisa Lutshaba lists the prospect of securing partnerships as the highest among his objectives for participating in the 57th  Feira International Feira Internacional Maputo (FACIM) Trade Fair. Lungisa’s Analit Africa forms part of the 17-member South African business delegation that will be jetting off to Maputo, Mozambique to participate in FACIM which will take place from 29 August-4 September 2022.

The companies have been assisted through the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic) Export Marketing and Investment Assistance (EMIA) scheme which is responsible for developing export markets for South African products and services.

According to Lutshaba, Analit Africa Consumer Brands, which he founded in 2012, manufactures in-house food brands and organically premium skincare brands.

“For the FACIM platform, we will showcase products from two of our finest brands in both food and skincare, namely Sunpheka Foods and Ticklecare organics. Sunpheka is made up of foodstuffs that range from oils, gluten-free rice, noodles and spreads, while under Ticklecare Organics we will be exhibiting plant-based glycerine soaps, tissue oils and body creams. Our foodstuffs are non-genetically modified and they are free of additives and allergens,” he says.

Lutshaba adds that Mozambique fits in well with his company’s expansion and collaboration-seeking strategy especially because of its proximity to South Africa.

“To date, I have been to Angola and Kenya and I was successful to introduce some of my products in the respective markets. Mozambique is by far the most attractive market for me because it takes only an hour to reach it by air and it would financial sense to expand into and establish and copy my successes in this market. I am mostly looking forward to learning and understanding the market behaviour and establishing partnerships with like-minded local manufacturers,” said Lutshaba.

Facim is Mozambique’s biggest annual trade show and it attracts attendance from both African and overseas exhibitors in search of partnerships and new markets for their products and services.

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