Seize investment and trade opportunities in SA and Ghana – High Commissioner Xingwana

The South African High Commissioner to Ghana, Ms Lulama Xingwana has urged businesspeople from South Africa and Ghana to take advantage of the cordial political relations between the two countries and seize the myriad trade and investment opportunities available for them in both countries.

Xingwana was speaking at the Ghana-South Africa Business Seminar that was hosted by the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) and the SA High Commission in Accra today. The session was part of the Outward Trade and Investment Mission organised and funded by the dti. About thirty South African businesspeople arrived in Ghana yesterday as part of the four-day mission. More than 100 Ghanaian businesspeople also attended the seminar.

“The South African business delegation that we brought here is ready and eager to engage and do business with their Ghanaian counterparts. The main objective of our mission to Ghana is to expose the SA companies to further linkages and opportunities to export value-added manufactured products and services, and to also pursue investment opportunities in Ghana. Visits like these provide an opportunity for both countries to action the talk of opportunities that both countries are offering, and that I implore businesspeople from both countries to take advantages of and explore,” said Xingwana.

She added that the mission was also part of continued efforts to deepen and consolidate bilateral relations between SA and Ghana both at political and economic levels.

“Relations between our countries are historic and are demonstrating our collective resolve to alter under-development and set the two countries on a historic path to stronger economic partnership based on solid bilateral trade. The visit also bears testimony to South Africa’s commitment to the ever-growing bilateral relations between our countries and about underscoring our resolve to open our markets more to alter the reality of our trade volumes,” added Xingwana.

She explained that the attitude of the South African government to the rest of Africa was that of being a developmental partner.

“In this regard, we continuously encourage South African businesses to seize opportunities that Ghana presents to South Africa for trade and investment. The net effect of such trade and investment is economic development, job creation and poverty alleviation in both countries, and that fundamentally contributes towards realising intra-Africa trade,” stressed Xingwana.

She said the South African companies that have expanded their businesses to Ghana and contributed more than US$170 in capital investment was also a further illustration of the importance of Ghana to South Africa.

“I would like to assure you that the business delegation from South Africa has the government support and it is my hope that today’s engagements will be fruitful and lead to conclusion of Memorandums of Understanding to do business, which will build the necessary confidence for bigger and more substantial investments,” concluded Xingwana.

Caption: The South African High Commissioner to Ghana, Ms Lulama Xingwana urging businesspeople from SA and Ghana to explore trade and investment opportunities in both countries

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