Frequently Asked Questions on the Export Marketing and Assistance (EMIA) Scheme

Frequently Asked Questions: Export Marketing and Assistance (EMIA) Scheme Individual Participation

When is the deadline for the submission of EMIA Individual Participation applications? A completed application form must be submitted to the dtic three to six months before the commencement date of the event.
How do I apply for Individual Participation assistance? Complete an online application form and upload supporting documents on the OIS platform at

Submit In-Store Promotion and Individual Inward Bound Mission (IIBM) applications manually or email to


How are the exact SIC Codes used for EMIA determined? EMIA uses the Harmonised System Codes that are linked to SIC codes. Please go to the dtic website,, and click on the tab Financial Assistance, then click on EMIA and SIC Codes.
If a company has been trading for less than one year and already has a turnover, can it benefit from EMIA assistance? No. According to the EMIA guidelines, all entities accessing the EMIA fund should have been trading for more than one financial year, irrespective of annual turnover.
How much local content or value-add results in a product deemed to be locally manufactured? The product should contain at least 40% local content or value addition, including raw material and packaging.
Can third-party payments be claimed under EMIA? No. Third-party payments are not allowed and will not be reimbursed.
When can proposals for individual missions be sent to the dtic, and where are the dates made available? Trade missions are only applicable to Group Offerings of the Trade and Investment South Africa (TISA) division within the dtic. A list of the missions can be obtained from that division.

Individual Inward Buying Mission (IIBM) assistance is provided to South African entities that are organising inward buying missions to make contact with prospective buyers or investors to conclude export orders or attract foreign direct investment. A completed application form must be submitted to the dtic three to six months before the commencement date of the event.


Where is the National Pavilion list advertised? A list for the National Pavilions is available on the dtic website under EMIA Group Offerings.
If audited financial statements are not available, will management accounts be accepted when submitting an application or claim? No, the latest audited or independently reviewed/compiled and signed financial statements should be submitted. The financial statements of the previous year-end will only be accepted for a maximum period of six months after the recent financial year-end of the entity.
Are projected sales objectives required when submitting an export marketing plan, and how many years of projections are required? Yes, information regarding marketing objectives is required, and should focus on sales objectives in volume and Rand terms for the designated products and services over the next two years.
An applicant would like to attend a conference in a foreign country; would this qualify under EMIA? Yes, provided the applicant will be giving a presentation to promote exports.
If a company wants to do primary market research (PMR) for purposes of technology and skills transfer for innovating products, will that be allowed under EMIA? No; assistance under PMR is provided to partially compensate exporters for costs incurred in developing new exporting markets and/or recruiting new foreign direct investment into South Africa by visiting potential investors in foreign countries.
Can a company apply to participate in a local exhibition under EMIA? Yes, only if it is the entity will be exhibiting products at recognised physical and virtual international exhibitions where the dtic Group Participation Incentive Programmes do not provide support for a National Pavilion. An event brochure will be required as a supporting document to demonstrate the international status of the event.
If a second representative wants to go with the company and the company is prepared to incur the costs, will that be allowed? Yes, only one representative per business will qualify for support. EMIA Individual Exhibitions and PMR assistance offers additional financial support for a person with disabilities including but not limited to travel, sign language interpreter, subsistence allowance, assistant etc
Is there an updated list of preferred service providers? No, applicants of the EMIA Individual Participation offerings are allowed to use service providers of their choice.
If for some valid reason an applicant is unable to attend an approved Individual Participation event, what is the procedure to cancel? Material changes related to the application must be communicated in writing to the dtic before the commencement date of the event. A material change refers to either a change in company registration, Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment credentials, event, event date(s), sharing of stand(s) and cancellation of participation etc.
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