Develop and implement coherent, predictable and transparent regulatory solutions that facilitate easy access to redress and efficient regulation for economic citizens.

Description of Sub-Programmes

  • Enforcement and Compliance conducts trends analysis and socioeconomic impact assessments for policies and legislation and market surveys, implements legislation on matters pertaining to liquor, monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of regulation, and oversees the performance of the department’s regulatory entities (the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission, the Companies Tribunal, the National Consumer Commission, the National Consumer Tribunal, the National Credit Regulator, the National Gambling Board, and the National Lotteries Commission).
  • Policy and Legislative Development develops policies, laws and regulatory frameworks; and drafts legislation.
  • Regulatory Services oversees the development of policies, laws, regulatory frameworks and the implementation of the branch mandate, and provides strategic support to branch business units, respectively, in line with legislation and applicable governance systems.

Strategic focus for 2023/24

A fair economy that promotes efficient and competitive markets and protects consumers through smart regulation and legislation. Over the medium-term, the Programme will be focusing on the work completed on the Companies Amendment Bill towards corporate governance and strengthening the corporate environment in South Africa. The work that started in 2022/23, looking at the amendments to the Companies Amendment Bill, will continue. The programme will prioritise the contribution to localisation, jobs, exports and investment.

The Programme will contribute to investment facilitation, localisation, transformation and supporting industrialisation through its initiatives. To achieve the aforementioned, the Programme has various planned outputs in line with the programme mandate, which directly and indirectly contributes to the Departmental outcomes.

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