Support foreign direct investment flows and promote domestic investment by providing a onestop shop for investment promotion, investor facilitation and aftercare support for investors as well as increase participation in industrialisation

Description of Sub-Programmes

  • Investment Promotion facilitates an increase in the quality and quantity of foreign direct investment, and domestic and outward investment, by providing investment attraction, targeted lead generation and recruitment support.
  • Investment and Inter-Departmental Clearing House promotes and facilitates investment and provides support services to the investment and interdepartmental clearinghouse. This sub-programme also provides a specialist advisory service, fast tracks and unblocks processes, and reduces bureaucratic red tape for investors.
  • Investor Support & Aftercare provides specialist advisory services through research, information marketing, aftercare and policy advocacy to facilitate new investment, and retain and expand existing investment.
  • Spatial Industrial Development promotes industrial development in targeted regions through policies, strategies and programmes such as Special Economic Zones and Industrial Parks, and Township economic initiatives, amongst others.

Strategic focus for 2023/24

Investment and Spatial Industrial Development are key strategies to promote a more inclusive economy. SEZ’s are an important tool for unlocking investments and spatial development. The strategic focus for this year is to integrate the 2 programmes to allow for stronger collaboration and achieve levels of success and impact on expanding the level of investment in the economy.

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