Stimulate and facilitate the development of sustainable and competitive enterprises, through the efficient provision of effective and accessible incentive measures that support national priorities.

Description of Sub-Programmes

  • Broadening Participation and Industrial Innovation Incentives provides incentive programmes that promote broader participation in the mainstream economy by businesses owned by individuals from historically disadvantaged communities and marginalised regions.
  • Manufacturing Incentives provides incentives to promote additional investment in the manufacturing sector. The manufacturing investment cluster comprises the Manufacturing Competitiveness Enhancement Programmes, the capital projects feasibility programme, the automotive investment scheme, the export marketing and investment assistance scheme, the sector‐specific assistance scheme, and the section 12I tax incentive scheme.
  • Services Investment Incentives provides incentive programmes that promote increased investment and job creation in the services sector. Programmes include the global business process services programme, and the film and television Production Incentive Support Programme for South African and Foreign Productions.
    (iv) Infrastructure Investment Support provides grants for two industrial infrastructure initiatives, SEZs and the Critical Infrastructure Programme (CIP), which are aimed at enhancing infrastructure and industrial development, increasing investment, and the export of value-added commodities.
  • Product and Systems Development reviews, monitors and develops incentive programmes to support the industrial strategy, and develops sector strategies to address market failures.
  • Strategic Partnership and Customer Care facilitates access to targeted enterprises by reviewing the success of incentive schemes and improving them where possible.

Strategic focus for 2023/24

To improve the industrial dynamism of a number of sectors and firms, the dtic and its entities provide a range of competitiveness-enhancing support programmes. These programmes seek to enable job creation and industrialisation, through improved industrial competitiveness that can support greater localisation and export growth.

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