Undertake economic research; contribute to development of trade and industrial policies and guide policy, legislative and strategy processes to facilitate inclusive growth.

Description of Sub-Programmes

  • Economic Research and Policy Coordination: Undertakes economic research, contributes to the development of policy options, and guides policy through consultation with stakeholders.
  • Macroeconomic and Microeconomic Policy: Evaluate and develop macro-economic and micro-economic policy options to achieve inclusive growth, promote decent work outcomes, productivity, entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Growth Path and Decent Work: Develops and coordinates Master Plans and constituency-based (business, labour and community) interventions to support the creation of decent work, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Strategic focus for 2023/24

Policy effectiveness is the product of a number of factors, from evidence-based policymaking, to good market information, to smart implementation. Research on what the evidence shows for particular policy-choices or implementation measures; or that identifies policy or implementation options, can enhance decisions of executive authorities and Programme managers.

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