Transformation and Competition


Develop and roll out policy interventions that promote transformation and competition issues through effective economic planning, aligned investment and development policy tools.

Description of Sub-Programmes

  • Economic Planning and Advisory: Promotes integrated economic planning analysis of economic plans and advancement of competition priorities.
  • Implementation Coordination and Competition Oversight promotes the implementation economic development plans that are aligned with competition decisions, orders, and recommendations and to provide support to the minister to carry out responsibilities as required in terms of competition legislation.
  • Investment and Development: Promotes public and private investment for development.
  • Equity and Empowerment promotes broad‐based black economic empowerment (BEE) and the growth of the industrial base through the black industrialist programme.

Strategic focus for 2023/24

Competition policy is an important means to build both a more dynamic and a transformed economy. Concentrated markets – namely product sectors where a small number of firms controls the bulk of output and market share – together with exclusionary behaviour by dominant firms limit the ability of new entrants, particularly SMMEs and start-up firms by black South Africans. Policy can assist in a number of ways: by market inquiries conducted by the competition authorities in concentrated sectors; through public interest measures that mitigate higher levels of economic concentration; and through competition law enforcement.

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